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About Victory Talk

“Victory Talk” chat show is structured around the act of spontaneous conversation. Our desire is to help us all grow, speak and live a victorious life!


Victory Talk is created to help you not only “talk the talk” but to also help you walk what you talk. We want you to LIVE your own truth and we’ve created a platform where we discuss various topics from A to Z, put forth by the show’s host as well as the community and or guest. The tone of the show is shaped to give insight and different perspectives on various topics from, current events to marriage. This show will inspire and be an inspiration to all by sharing an encouraging word from the Inspirational Corner of life. 

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SpeakLife ~ CarpeDiem

You don't have to be perfect, just Be Persistent!

Be persistent in showing up for yourself. Use the resources you have with no excuses! Don't go into your lifestyle changes with the mindset that you have to be perfect all the time because you don't! Instead, focus on taking baby steps because every step counts and helps you to get to your destination/destiny. Persistence really pays off, just got to keep moving, and even if and when you stop, tell yourself I will begin again and do it!

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